Water Line Problems Homeowners Should Be Aware Of

The water line is the pipe underneath the ground that helps you get water in your home. It's protected well, but even still, problems can happen to it. Here are some that you'll want to acknowledge and monitor over the years. Pipe Corrosion If you have a property that is very old, chances are the water line that supplies it is also very old. That increases the likelihood of pipe corrosion becoming a problem. [Read More]

Five Electrical Issues That Reduce Light Bulb Longevity

Light bulbs that are constantly burning out may indicate an issue with your fixtures or with the electrical system in your home. 1. Tight Fixtures Screwing in a bulb too tightly can cause it to stop work. This is because it bends or warps the metal cap on the bulb and it may damage the inner socket on the fixture. If a bulb is a tight fit, then the issue could be that an older fixture socket isn't sized correctly for modern bulbs. [Read More]

Five Signs That You Need to Clean Your Grease Trap

Grease traps are a necessary device in restaurants and commercial kitchens. They can cause big issues if they get clogged, so you need to know the signs that it is time to clean the trap. 1. It's Slow to Drain Sinks and other water drains hooked into the trap system should drain quickly. If water sits in the sink and only seeps out slowly, then there is a blockage somewhere. If only one drain is affected, you may just need to clean that drain. [Read More]

Five Benefits Of Annual Water Heater Service

An annual water heater service visit is a good investment. There are many benefits for maintaining your water heater, so you don't want to skip the yearly service call. 1. Less Noise Hard water scale can build up on the inside walls of your hot water heater. When the scale gets thick, it cracks apart and falls off. The sound of the scale cracking and falling inside the tank is the cause behind the pops and clangs you sometimes hear when your water heater is refilling after you have used the water inside. [Read More]